The German Shepherd History


Despite the conventional presumption that the German Shepherd dog breed is related in some way to the wolf, this breed is no more related to the wolf than any other dog breed. This breed is the result of a deliberate attempt to produce the absolute shepherd. This is due to the creation in 1899, of an association dedicated to overseeing the breeding of the German Shepherd dog; the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhunde, which became known around the world as the SV (German Sheepdog Society).

In 1899, Captain Max von Stephanitz, who started the breed, acquired a dog which thrilled him. The dog was Horand von Grafrath, originally named Hektor Linksrhein. Captain Stephanitz used this fabulous dog as the foundation for the future German Shepherd dog. Horand von Grafrath epitomized the intention and ambitions of the breeders at that time. He was viewed as the objective towards which every German Shepherd breeder aspired to take his dogs.

On April 22nd of 1899, shortly after von Stephanitz got Horand, he got together with 10 friends and started what is now known as the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhunde or the SV. Many will agree with me that this is the date that can be used as the day for the arrival of the GSD breed.

Breeders worked to establish a herding dog that would excel at different jobs which required intelligence, courage and athleticism. The GSD eventually demonstrated that it was an intelligent and brave comrade and protector.

At the time of the first World War, the German Shepherd dog was used in many varied ways. It could be seen as a messenger dog, a rescue dog or a sentinel dog, but it was also utilized as a guard dog. After World War I ended, soldiers took many of these German Shepherds back home with them.

Then, during the second World War, the Allied Forces used this trained dogs extensively and they traveled everywhere with them. This made this already prominent breed, a lot more popular everywhere in the world.

At the end of the second World War and in the years following it, the German Shepherd dog's popularity grew tremendously and it became the most popular breed in history. The main reasons were that no other breed could master such an ample set of skills as the German Shepherd dog breed and its incredibly exceptional attributes.

The breed changed names a few times, mainly because after the war the word "German" acquired a very negative connotation. It changed to The Alsatian Wolf Dog, but the "Wolf Dog" part of the name also had a negative connotation, so it went to Alsatian and later in 1977 it was eventually changed back to the original it uses till this day.

This breed became very popular mostly because of a couple of dog movie stars: Strongheart and Rin- tin- tin. The GSD was the most beloved and praised dog in America for many years. Although its popularity dropped a little in recent years it is still one of the most multifaceted dogs ever created. The German Shepherd dog has worked as a search-and-rescue dog, narcotics-or explosives-detecting dog, guide dog, guard dog, police dog, war dog, show dog, shepherd and even as a pet.


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