Losing your mate

Losing my mate Billie

Well even a dog walker like me has a terrible time when you lose your dog by escaping from what you think is a secure back yard-It happened to me this last weekend.

I was staying with a great friend out side Sydney,she also walks and cares for dogs like me,but has a different side to her business which is dog grooming (Dog Rules)-would love to put her website here but her business is very successful that she really does not need it-- Back to my bad day-So many times over the last 8 years she with her other 3 dogs has cared for my dog Billie many times,without any problems-However yesterday we left the dogs in the garden after a one hour walk and fed looking great and satisfied-
Two hours later I was a mess-What had happened is something you must always keep in mind---
The next door neighbours where having a birthday party,and decided at 8.30pm to let off fireworks-My dog Billie hates thunder and fireworks and also starter guns they use here at weekends to start sailing races,which I hear as live near Sydney harbour-
So around 9pm I get a call on my mobile from a lovely Asian family they have found my dog in there garden--- now let me draw the picture here-the house she was staying in was dog escape proof-At least 6 foot fences,gates secured by pad locks!! concrete around the bottom of the fences,no chance to dig under for a dog-However these lovely people were on my mobile telling me my brindle and white Staffy was sitting in their home.
I started to realise after a moment my dog had escaped a secure home in total fear-Also my dog is ten years old not a young pup-We rushed to their home and got reunited with my mate--Good point to remember I had a collar and tag on Billie with three mobile numbers engraved-with out that she would have had to be taken to a vet to check the micro chip---ALWAYS HAVE A TAG ON YOUR DOGS COLLAR!!
After returning home we inspected the yard-bearing in mind the other three dogs were still there and had not followed my crazy mate-so we tried to figure out how she could have got out-The only scenario was she jumped these high fences-which prove when a dog has fear to that extent they then have no fear of hurting themselves and will do anything to escape that fear by running.
I found a few electric fences on Ebay-please give me some feed back here-has any one had this problem and what do you think of these fences?
Please see my article written on Tumours in Dogs -You are more than welcome to reprint as long as you leave my byline and link intact.

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