As I have a dog walking and minding business in Sydney I have found by trial and error how to get the dog I am walking to come back to me in the park if off the lead.

I also teach some clicker training techniques and guess this is a real easy one to try-If you do not have a clicker which you can get from most pet shops,usually on the leash you can try clicking the connection device that you put on the collar-not as loud but will work to a degree.
First have a small bag or carrier around your waste-sit the dog down-click then treat,click then treat-be sure the dog sees you put your hand into the bag-some times if you have a bag or purse carrier around your waste with a zip or Velcro the noise of unzipping increases the technique-do this for at least ten times and when walking the dog on a leash,stop click and treat.
Now go to the park let the dog off the leash and let them run around for a few minutes then call your dog at the same time show your hand on your treat bag and click-when the dog comes to you get them to sit click and treat- NEVER scold your dog or hit them if they do not instantly come to you as they are not stupid and think oh! I should have returned to my master but the last time I did not I got smacked-Always treat them even if it took many attempts to get them back to you-Try it and contact me if you are having problems.
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